When You’re In Love (a short collection of love poems)


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Being in love is one of the most intense experiences we’ll ever have.  The emotions we have when we’re in love can make you feel like you’re flying above the clouds, or like you’re on the world’s longest roller coaster.  The essence of being in love – the highs and lows of it – are captured in this short collection of poems.  These are recent pieces that are inspired by personal experience.



Diary of the Heart – Volume 1 & 2 (poetry collection)

Volume 1 Release Date:  Fall 2021

Volume 2 Release Date:  Summer 2022

Love.  Heartbreak.  Inspiration. Sadness.  Frustration.  Inspiration.

The heart experiences a myriad of emotions, different levels, different extremes.  Our  hearts act  like an emotional diary, protectively containing all of our life experiences,  from the trials to the triumphs.  Through the art of poetry, Diary of the Heart  is a  collection of poetry that takes readers on a journey of emotions, using prose to give you an  experience much  like reading a personal diary.

When It All Falls Down (a novel)

Release Date:  Spring 2022

Finally willing to let go of her dream to be with Benjamin, the very married love of her life, Chaundra embarks on a new relationship with the very handsome Bryson.  He’s ready to give her his heart – and in the process, his previously hidden insecurity issues.  Despite that, Chaundra makes a genuine effort to make the relationship work.  Her quest for happiness is halted when her unrequited love reenters the picture complicates her life, forcing Chaundra choose between the two men in her life.

To call Alisha and Jayson a mismatched couple is an understatement.  She’s a high-powered executive; Jayson is a entry-level office clerk. Alisha is overambitious in her quest to change her underachieving man, and Jayson is determined to reject it – and her “superior” attitude – every step of the way.  Ignoring the warnings of her friends and family, Alisha continues with her arrogance – only to be blindsided when she pushes past Jayson’s breaking point.

Janelle inherited her mother’s mentality that all men cheat.  Aaron lives by his father’s creed “a man will be a man”.  What results is a relationship that functions in dysfunction – where almost anything goes and fidelity is non-existent. When Janelle and Aaron are challenged by shocking developments neither of them expected, the question of commitment and true love will determine if this already fractured relationship will be irretrievably broken.

Tiffani’s marriage to her husband Trevor hangs by a constantly receding thread after Trevor commits the ultimate betrayal.  Unable to forgive, she deeply resents her husband and the other guilty party, and the result of their scandalous indiscretion.  Equally devastating is her own failed attempts at fulfilling a long-awaited dream of her own.  When Trevor finds himself forced to make a difficult choice, and it’s not what Tiffani expects, divorce may be the only choice they have.

When It All Falls Down is a story that describes the abnormal and sometimes bizarre romantic relationships of four strong, passionate women.  It details the inconceivable crisis each relationship encounters, and how the severity of that crisis threatens each relationship’s ability to survive.

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